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Agorà Traduzioni is a translation and interpreting agency specializing in technical, industrial and legal fields. We’ve been part of the Vicenza district’s business community since 1993. Being based in one of Italy’s business hot spots means we’ve grown side by side with other businesses, large and small, in and around Vicenza. As interpreters, we’ve seen everything from tanning to marble processing, visiting goldsmith workshops, engineering firms, wine estates and manufacturers of bread-making equipment… As translators, we’ve learnt how to operate presses, drive farm machinery, apply galvanizing treatments, adjust pellet stoves, design biogas plants, sample wines, purchase property, manage the sale of shares, draw up contracts… Accumulating a wealth of experience in at least 30 languages, spanning every sector of the economy, backed by a pool of 400 mother tongue translators and interpreters and other professionals. Putting our knowledge and skills to work for companies, legal firms, notaries, accountants, bodies and private individuals. Providing quality bespoke services in the Veneto region, nationwide across Italy and abroad. Inspired by the idea of the agora – the central public open space that was the core of economic and political life in the cities of ancient Greece – we’ve modelled our own open space on this concept to create a crossroads of exchange, a melting pot of trades, a window onto the world…

translation en
Technical, legal, financial, advertising, scientific, medical, marketing, manuals conforming to EC standards, brochures, technical files, company presentations, news, blogs, and the list goes on.
interpreting en
In technical, legal and financial fields, and so on. For negotiations, B2B meetings, technical training, lecturing and conferences. Consecutive, whispered, simultaneous and telephone interpreting. An efficient service performed by expert professional interpreters who approach each job with competence and the utmost discretion. In Italy and abroad.
Getting the message across accurately is crucial.
other services en
Sworn translations and legalization. Copywriting and technical writing. Ghostwriting and text revision. Website proofreading and style adjustment. DTP. Audio transcription. Online searches on your chosen topic with a summary of search results. Voiceover service for audiovisual material. Outsourcing services tailored to your requirements.

Lo strano caso del “Translate server error”

Quando la traduzione automatica regala un sorriso.  Un ristoratore cinese decide di tradurre in inglese il nome del proprio locale e lo fa usando il traduttore automatico.

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